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Lose weight and get paid for it? Sounds like a win-win to me! Or should I say a “win-lose”! I would love to lose weight like “It’s my job”! Maybe if I make it my job I will lose weight. I have joined my share of weight loss and training programs. Somehow, because I am paying, I stay focused and get excellent results. I reach my goal but have a hard time maintaining the weight loss.

Individual Challenges

Now, I think I have found the perfect solution to keep me accountable even during maintenance and be rewarded monetarily for my hard work! Enter Healthy Wage. See how much money these women won for losing weight!

You can make a wager to bet how much weight you will lose during the challenge time frame. Although I am not promoting gambling, this challenge requires your skill and ability to lose and maintain weight. It is not a true game of luck.

More motivated to avoid loss than even to receive a reward

Studies show that we are more motivated to prevent loss of what we already have invested than to simply receive something for our efforts. The Healthy Wage entrance fee or wager capitalizes on this tendency.

Use The Calculator To Determine Your Wager

From testing the calculator, I think that you can earn higher winnings by maintaining the weight longer. If you struggle with maintaining your weight loss a wager for a longer time period will keep your focus. That is the most appealing aspect to me.

If you lose the required amount of weight by the end of the challenge you will get prize money—up to $10,000. Possible prize earnings seem to increase based on the more money you wager and the longer time frame you set to achieve your goal. Average winnings are between $700 and $2000.

Enter More Than One Challenge To Boost Earnings

You can enter up to 10 challenges at one time which will certainly boost earnings and motivation.

This is especially motivating if you have more than ten or twenty pounds to lose. You can continue to enter challenges as your weight continues to drop.

Team Challenges

You pay a fee of $25 per month for three months to enter a challenge. Find 4 friends who are interested in losing weight and form your own team!  All teams must have 5 members. If you don’t have a team, you will be assigned to one. Being accountable adds to your chance of success! The top prize for a winning team is $10,000 split between the five of your for an individual prize of $2000 each.

Maximum Weight Loss Percentages

The maximum percentage of weight loss that for a team is 16.59% total.  You are permitted to lose more than 16.59% of your body weight, but it will not count toward the challenge. This is a built-in protection against unsafe dieting.

Winnings on their website range from a low of $700 to a top prize of $10,000! Obviously, your results will vary. Not only that but if you maintain your weight loss for six months, you can even earn your entrance fee back!

Healthy, Conservative Weight Loss

The amount of weight loss that Healthy Wage requires supports healthy weight loss. It will not be difficult to meet the demands of the challenge as long as you commit to staying focused. You choose your diet and exercise methods, so you will be more motivated to stick with it!

Easy Start Weigh-In

To weigh in at the beginning of the challenge, you have three choices:

  1. Simply use the Healthy Wage Mobile App (This is the recommended option)
  2. Make a video (instructions on website)
  3. Go to a health or fitness professional. (guidelines on the site)

All details of the challenges are explained clearly on the website.

You Choose Your Diet

Healthy wage does not suggest or recommend any specific diets, so you are free to choose which one will be most effective for you. There are several healthy options like keto, paleo, whole30, gluten free, dairy free and clean eating meal plans that make 10 freezer meals in about one hour.  For more details check this post called Easiest Meal Plan Ever 10 Meals in About An Hour.

Visit Healthywage.com to determine the right challenge for you. If you are not prospering in your health, it is difficult to prosper anywhere else.

How much weight do you plan to lose?




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