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How to “Save” Money This Holiday Season

To Save Money this holiday season, you will probably be scanning the Black Friday ads. You will not be “saving money” but buying at a discount unless you put “the savings” into a bank or investment account. One simple way to do this is with Acorns! 

Okay, but why now?

When is the best time to plant a tree? (20 years ago) and the second best time? (NOW!)

Use This holiday Season to Save on Costs and for Your Future by Signing Up Today

Why? Because many places that you will be shopping offer cash back to invest in your Acorns account! Here is a list of participating stores. Sign up today so that you can take advantage of all your holiday shopping to boost your deposits.

Save this holiday season with the Acorns App

If you’re truly “saving” at a sale, why is your wallet empty and their cash register full?

Acorns gives you $5 to invest when you open the account and will round up the change of any transaction in your account or from any linked cards to deposit in your Acorns Investment account. They will also deposit $5 in your account for every friend you refer. Occasionally, they also offer referral bonuses. For accounts under one million, they only charge a dollar per month. You should be able to earn that back through purchases on any linked credit or debit cards. Most investment companies have an average fee of about $5 per trade.

Pre-Selected Investing Styles

Acorns has several pre-selected investing styles from conservative to aggressive. This allows you to choose a general type of investing without the worry of selecting each fund or stock. I like this feature for beginners, because not knowing what to choose often causes you to give up saving or investing. This is a way to start gradually with a small amount of money, to get you in the habit of saving (keeping) money while you learn more about investing. It also allows you to take advantage of the power of compounding interest immediately.

Today is the day to change your financial picture by beginning to invest. Acorns makes it easy and painless!  Many successful savers use automated plans to always pay themselves first. Acorns will be doing this for you Most investment options require a minimum of $250-500 to start your account. If you don’t have that much money to start investing, you postpone and it drops off your priority list.

By using Acorns, you will be investing every time that you spend money. They also make it possible for you to buy a portion of a share. This round-up-your-change method also allows you to take advantage of the dollar cost averaging system. Dollar-cost averaging levels out your investment cost because when stocks are high, you buy fewer shares for your dollar amount and when they are low, you buy more shares with your dollar amount.

Did you know that over 50% of Americans have less than $10,000 saved for retirement?

If you fall into that group what can you do about it TODAY?

My suggestion is to try Acorns for 90 days and see how much your financial situation changes. Acorns shows you that a little bit adding consistently over time can add up more than you expect!

Then sign up below for more ways to win with your money. The checklist below will show areas that you are out of balance with your finances.

Remember that personal finance is far more behavior-driven than knowledge-driven! Acorns gets you started now!

How much can you invest through Acorns between now and the end of the year?




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