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How A Healthy Diet Boosts Your Bottom Line

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A healthy diet boosts your bottom line. Although you may think that eating processed foods is easier on your budget, the health consequences of processed foods as a significant portion of your diet can be costly to your bottom line.

Effects of Poor Diet

Poor eating habits will suppress your immunity and make you more susceptible to that cold being shared at the office.

Afternoon Slump, Then A Caffeine Bump

Diets high in refined carbohydrates lead to that afternoon slump that kills productivity. Which usually means you are headed for a caffeine pick-me-up. You end up on a cycle of energy bursts and crashes, that eventually destroy adrenal function. That’s why a healthier diet boosts your bottom line.

Probiotic Imbalance

Processed foods including refined grains and excess sugar can upset the delicate probiotic balance in your gut, which leads to mental fog, anxiety, and depression.

Taking More Sick-Days

Missed time at work even if you have sick days could affect your chances of that promotion you’ve been working overtime for. Is your boss going to want to add new responsibilities to your workload if you’re calling in sick more frequently? Your ongoing absences can be perceived as a lack of dependability.

Higher Medical Costs

More illnesses mean more doctor’s visits, more prescriptions, and chronic health issues such as high blood pressure and diabetes can lead to higher insurance premiums. This shows again how a healthy diet boosts your bottom line.

How A Healthy Diet Boosts Your Bottom Line

A healthy diet of organic vegetables, fruits, eggs, grass-fed meats, as well as fish, will improve your health. As you reduce processed foods, you are eliminating many substances that increase cravings and promote overeating. Although it may be slightly more expensive for some foods, a little planning will keep costs reasonable, and your mental clarity and productivity will increase thereby offsetting the extra expense.

Get Paid to Lose Weight

In fact, there is a company called Healthy Wage that will give you prize money to lose weight! I am currently participating in a Healthy Wager and a personal challenge. In the Healthy Wager, I bet a certain amount of money per month that I will reach my desired weight. If I reach my weight goal I will win over $1400! You can read more about it here. Wanna Get Paid to Lose Weight? How About $10,000?

Better Mental Health

A healthier diet also translates into better mental health. Less sugar in your diet means less inflammation, and less moodiness caused by the insulin spike and subsequent slump. Ever been hangry? Most likely it is due to low blood sugar.

More Active

When you are in optimum health, you’re more likely to be active. Getting regular exercise in addition to a healthy diet minimizes stress and improves mood.

Performing at your peak rather than struggling through the day will allow you to take advantage of opportunities to advance your career and enrich your life.

More Confident

Maybe it’s just me, but when I am overweight (usually due to too much junk food), I do not have the same self-confidence as when I am at a healthier weight. I notice that I don’t really want to face people or take on new challenges.  I get sluggish. I withdraw. I look for ways to avoid social interaction. A poor diet heavy in sugar can be responsible.

More Time and Energy to Enjoy Life

Ever notice that when you’re ill everything grinds to a halt to wait until you’re better?  Yep, me neither! You get sick and you get left in the dust with twice as much to do when you are well again! Eating a healthy diet gives you more time and energy to enjoy life and pursue your dreams!

Use A Meal Plan To Increase Nutrition and Reduce Costs

A meal plan lets your healthy diet boost your bottom line

A meal plan boosts the success of healthy eating.

If you want to pursue a healthier diet, try the

Ultimate Healthy Meal Planning Bundle.


Having a meal plan of healthy recipes will minimize waste and give you cost-effective ways of healthier eating.

It is an amazing group of resources like recipes and meal-plans complete with nutritional information to help you make healthy meals for a number of dietary restrictions such as gluten free, nut free, sugar-free and more.

Healthy Meal Planning Bundle 2019 This recipe for Asian Slaw is one of my recipes in the bundle, not to mention about a dozen additional ones

There are:

  • 1072 recipes are available in 12 categories to help you transform your health.
  • 30+ menu plans which include shopping lists and prep instructions.
  • 5 e-courses
  • 5 ebooks
  • 4 printable packs & workbooks

Specialized Diets

I can hear you right now saying, “but my son can’t eat gluten, and my husband can’t eat dairy. It will never work for me.”

Oh yes, it will! Take a look at this! Here is the breakdown of the recipe types:

Dairy Free* – 726
Peanut Free** – 957
Tree Nut Free** – 770
Egg Free* – 820
Soy Free – 809
Gluten Free* – 843
Vegetarian* – 441
Paleo* – 346
Keto* – 213
Sugar-Free – 531

**NOTE: Peanut Free + Tree Nut Free will be combined into one category in the index that only shows recipes that are free of both.

Even the Keto category (the smallest one) would provide a different recipe every day from New Year’s Day until August 1st!

You also get a bonus of 30 Meals in 30 Days Challenge if you order before the Early Bird Deadline!

The second bonus is a one-month membership in Real Plans to adapt the recipes to your family’s specific needs.

Oh, and since the shopping lists are prepared, you can shop at Wal-mart and have them shop for the order so you just have to run and pick it up! Or Aldi now has Instacart in which someone will not only shop for the order but also deliver it! Click on either link to get $10 off your order! Check one more thing off the list! This method keeps you away from the bakery or candy aisle! See how that works?

The Ultimate Healthy Meal Planning Bundle is valued at $1038. but sells for $37, (or $47 if you add the 200+ desserts and beverage add-on.) Because it is so drastically reduced it is only available for a very short period of time at this price.

Let the Ultimate Healthy Meal Planning Bundle help you eat healthier today!

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How will you plan to eat more healthy foods?





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