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Find Where The Most Cash Hides In Your Budget

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Find where the most cash hides in your budget, to take control of your spending and pay off debt. You may not realize where the biggest portion of your spendable income hides in your budget, but I can show you where it hides, and how to use it to pay off debt or increase your savings.

If this is the year to finally get control of your spending and make your money work for you, I can help! You probably have many fixed expenses like your mortgage, car payment, cable bill, school loans, etc. There is not much room to cut these expenses lower, even if you want too. Utilities can be reduced some, but it is not likely to make a huge difference.

 Where The Most Cash Hides In Your Budget

The Most Cash Hides in Your Food Budget

Look In Your Grocery Budget to Free Up Cash

To find where the most cash hides in your budget, you need to look at your food bill. I’m talking about both your groceries and restaurant costs. Unlike fixed payments like your mortgage or car payment, you can trim your food budget and free up a surprising amount of cash to use either on debt repayment, savings, or even setting aside for a family vacation.

How to Free Up This Secret Stash of Cash

The first step to freeing up this cash is to determine what you’re currently spending. Check your recent bank transactions to see what your last three months of grocery and restaurant costs were. Look over your calendar to remind yourself of the times when you ate out if you paid cash. Check for quick stops for lattes or chai tea, smoothies, and so on. You want to collect all the food spending you’ve done. Include purchases of snacks at vending machines too.

Consider the Cost

Let me warn you, it may be shocking to see how much money is slipping out of your purse in food costs.

Once you’ve determined your spending habits, it is time to look for ways to cut back. The primary way to minimize costs is to have a meal plan. You will plan your menu, make your lists, then shop for food and do some preparation ahead of time.

Having a plan will eliminate last-minute pizza deliveries or Chinese take-out. Because you will be buying just what is needed to make your meals, you won’t be overspending. A meal plan also reduces food waste because you have scheduled a night for each meal.

Use A Shopping Service

My favorite place to shop is at  Aldi. They have plenty of organic, natural choices, and their prices are tough to beat. Now they even offer Instacart, and they will give you $10 off your first order, so you can send your list and someone will shop for you and deliver it to you! Your order needs to be $35 or more. Walmart offers $10   off your first grocery order, but you still need to go pick it up.

You may be wondering why I would suggest spending money on this type of service. These shop-for-you options are excellent if you find yourself making impulse buys often. They also help if you’re following a diet because you aren’t tempted by the foods you know will wreck your diet. Finally, if you would have to take your children with you to shop, the shop-for-you option will save time and reduce stress.

Buy Quality Meats in Bulk to Save Money

Aldi’s has grass-fed meat options that are reasonable, but I’ve recently used Butcher Box to get my grass-fed organic meats for under $5 per pound. (I get the 48 meals every 60 days) The meat comes in vacuum sealed packages with dry ice. You have several options to choose from. All-beef, a custom box, or the most popular mixed meat box which I get. I use the two-month option and buy the bigger amount. Usually at Aldi, the grass-fed beef costs about $7 per pound, while the chicken is less.

If you’ve not used meal planning before, here’s a terrific option that I recommend to get you started. Try the Ultimate Healthy Meal Planning Bundle

This resource is amazing in so many ways, but I found this gem that will motivate you to look at your grocery budget, and see the true opportunities for saving! It is the Dinner for a Dollar: How I Feed My Family a Simple, Allergy-Friendly, Whole-Food Diet for One Dollar per Person per Meal by Shelly Longenecker.

Shelly’s son has several food allergies, which she originally thought would blow her grocery budget, but with her strategies, she is able to feed her family on a dollar per family member, per meal per day. This one resource can significantly reduce your grocery budget.

Dinner for a Dollar: How I Feed My Family a Simple, Allergy-Friendly, Whole-Food Diet for One Dollar per Person per Meal
But you’ll get all this as well:
  • This bundle of 1,072 recipes across 12 categories is valued at $1038.
  • It also includes 30+ ready-to-use meal plans with shopping lists and prep notes,
  • 5 e-courses, 5 ebooks, and 4 printable packs & workbook
  • There is even a one-month FREE membership to RealPlans so you can customize your menus.


Now is the time to jumpstart your meal-planning habit for this year!

Healthy Meal Planning Bundle 2019

All nutrition information is included, and they are also categorized by types of diets, as well as dietary restrictions.

Here is the breakdown of the recipe types:

Dairy Free* – 726
Peanut Free** – 957
Tree Nut Free** – 770
Egg Free* – 820
Soy Free – 809
Gluten Free* – 843
Vegetarian* – 441
Paleo* – 346
Keto* – 213
Sugar-Free – 531

There is even an allergy recipe index included!

So if you want to find more money in your budget, you need to consider implementing a meal plan. There are plenty of other strategies that I will show you in upcoming weeks to squeeze every penny out of your food budget.

Get your budget under control with the help of this Ultimate Healthy Meal Planning Bundle!

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How much extra cash can you squeeze out of your grocery budget?

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