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A Meal Plan Reduces Stress During the “Panic Hour”

One of the best things you can do to reduce stress is to have a meal plan. The “panic hour” is when everyone gets home from work or school hungry, and needing to chill out. Just when you would like to think about relaxing with your family, you have to get dinner ready!  Not exactly what I call a peaceful way to start your evening. Wouldn’t you rather interact calmly with your family about their day, than try to juggle homework, and stirfry at the same time? Well, today your life is about to get easier!

Freezer Cooking Is Much Easier Now!

I used to do once a month cooking when I was homeschooling. I would make about 2 or 3 duplicates of 15 or more different recipes. It was a marathon cooking session that usually began with grocery shopping the day before.  It was great to have 30 to 45 meals in the freezer, but to be honest, I dreaded all the time in the kitchen for preparation and cleanup. In the end, I was exhausted! This MyFreezEasy plan is so streamlined that you will make 10 meals in under an hour!  You make 2 meals each of 5 different recipes. This will cover weekday meals for two weeks!

Saves Money! 10 Meals for 4 people under $100

This MyFreezEasy plan will reduce your trips to the grocery store (which means fewer impulse purchases) And when I shopped at Aldi, I was able to buy everything for the keto plan that I chose, but the almond flour and fresh basil for $87 for a family of four. I included the prices of even the salt, pepper, and spices, so if you already have those, your cost will be even lower. Now, I should mention that other meal plan choices may be more or less expensive depending on the particular ingredients.

You will also have less waste because you won’t be allowing food to spoil while looking for the fastest, easiest cooking option for dinner. (Come on, haven’t you ever said: “this is the week I will eat more salad, only to be tossing soggy lettuce out the following week.”) You’ll have a tough time getting takeout for that price, let alone eating at your favorite family restaurant. It will take longer than an hour to be seated, served, and satisfied at the restaurant, and you’ll still need to decide on what to eat tomorrow night!

Several Cooking Methods–Crockpot, Oven, Instant Pot, and More

You can put the thawed or even frozen meal into your crockpot in the morning to have dinner ready to serve or thaw the night before and bake it in the oven on days which your schedule allows 30 minutes baking time. Even if you forget to pull out a meal to thaw, You can put a frozen meal in warm water in your refrigerator and it will thaw in about 20 or thirty minutes. You can order a plan that uses your Instant Pot too!

Includes Every List You Could Possibly Need!

The MyFreezEasy plans take all the guesswork out of the meal plan. It includes directions for each individual recipe, assembly directions for making all ten of them. Grocery lists are organized by store category, like produce or dairy for instance or by the recipe, and even lists the assembly instructions on each page along with the recipe.

Not only does the plan include nutrition information for each recipe, but also printables which can be used with Avery labels that include the name of the dish as well as the cooking instructions. Finally, there are even some recipes of the suggested side dishes for each entree. With such complete lists, it is simple to see what ingredients I already have to avoid buying duplicates.

Multiple Dietary Options–Gluten-Free, Clean Eating, Keto and More

What is especially attractive to me with the MyFreezEasy membership plans are the various diet options. I am always challenged by the task of cooking a diet recipe when I first start a diet because I am starving! I know I have a much better chance of succeeding on a diet if I have meals prepared ahead of time.  Erin Chase, the developer of MyFreezEasy really covers every popular option. The MyFreezEasy membership plans offer the following dietary options:

MyFreezEasy Even Offers Menus According to the Meat in the Meal

I absolutely love that MyFreezeEasy all meat plans allow you to take advantage of stock up sales on meat. Most supermarkets cycle meat sales roughly every eight weeks. You can purchase meat by the case at local warehouse clubs like Sam’s Club and Costco too.

This Plan Is A Win-Win For Your Budget  And Your Stress Level

You can save some serious money on your grocery bill, and on your preparation time as well. I shopped at Aldi for one-half hour, but I was checking the prices of the items required that I already had.  You might be able to shorten your time if you aren’t looking for additional items.

Having less stress about prepping dinner is good,  Not rushing through the drive-through yet again is better. But best of all, you will be able to really connect as a family at dinnertime.

Find 11 ways to save money on groceries in this post I wrote a short while back.

Let me know how this plan worked for you!

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