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Double Your Reward: Win Money for Losing Weight

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Do you want to double your reward? You can win money for losing weight! That’s a double reward! A healthier you, and money to treat yourself to a beach vacation, or a new wardrobe, or (insert your dream here)!

Double Your Rewards By Entering A Program To Pay You To Lose Weight

I stumbled on this program called Healthy Wage. You make a bet to lose a specified amount of weight. If you lose the weight you win money! If you’re concerned about entering games of chance, I want to mention that weight loss is certainly more skill and effort than simply chance.  I made a wager to lose 50 pounds in 8 months. If I lose the weight, I will win over $1400! But I can earn more prize money than that. They offer a prize calculator on their website to help you determine the amount of your wager. Win Up To $10,000 In Cash Prizes While Getting Healthy. 

How it Motivates You

Did you know that we are motivated more to prevent a loss than to just gain a reward? That’s Why Healthy Wage wants you to have some “skin” in the game! (Or should I say “flab”) Ewww! Too much information! I noticed the day that I placed my wager, that 3 times I started into the kitchen for a snack, and the thought of the wager stopped me in my tracks!

Write your prize winnings on a sticky note, and put it on the fridge and on your snack cabinet. That will remind you of your goal! It’s a powerful deterrent to snacking! Win Up To $10,000 In Cash Prizes While Getting Healthy. 

Double Your Rewards by Winning Money for Losing Weight Is Called Double-Incentivization

According to the Healthy Wage Website, “One widely cited study published by the Journal of the American Medical Association (“JAMA”) found:

 “those who have a financial incentive to lose weight were almost five times more likely to reach their target than dieters with no money at stake.”

See Volpp, K.G., John, L.K., Troxel, A.B., Norton, L., Fassbender, J., and Loewenstein, G., “Financial Incentive-based Approaches for Weight Loss: A Randomized Trial,” Journal of the American Medical Association, 300(22), 2631-2637 (2008).

To learn more visit this page: Why It Works

Double Your Reward by Stacking Individual and Team Challenges

I mentioned earlier that I can earn more than simply the Healthy Wager earnings. Healthy Wage also offers individual and team challenges. You can enter up to 10 challenges in addition to your Healthy Wager. This means you can get paid two or three or even up to 10 times for losing the same amount of weight! Win Up To $10,000 In Cash Prizes While Getting Healthy.

I entered an individual challenge called Rock, Paper Scissors, Lose! This challenge costs only $10 per month (for 3 months and the jackpot is $10,868! Another challenge I entered is the “New Year, New You” which has a jackpot of $45,698! You have about 2 weeks to enter each challenge.

Rewards for Losing Weight or Increasing Daily Steps

There are challenges pay you to increase your daily steps by 25% too. Entrants that meet their goal will share a portion of the jackpot. For example, I joined the Cookie-Cutter Challenge in December. If I meet my goal of losing just 6% of my body weight I will share in my portion of over a $19,000+ jackpot! It cost me about $33 per month for three months to enter that competition.

That’s a Win-Win! Or should I say a “Lose-Win” Situation! There are 3-month challenges that cost as little as $10 per month to enter!
Win Up To $10,000 In Cash Prizes While Getting Healthy. 

You Choose The Diet

Are you worried that you won’t like the diet? Don’t be! You get to choose the diet plan! Find what works best for you! I personally have good results with the Ketogenic Diet, but you may prefer a plant-based menu or another program.

For example, If you’ve had success with Weight Watchers in the past, use your old menus and recipes, but put the payments into Healthy Wage to boost your winnings! You will have accountability on the Healthy Wage website.

Weight Loss Goals Are Very Reasonable to Achieve

You may be thinking, If they give so much prize money the goals must be very difficult to reach. Not at all! The team at Healthy Wage wants you to succeed!  The typical challenge only requires you to lose 6% of your body weight! 6% of my body weight was only 10.5 lbs, and I had 3 months to lose it! They are truly gearing you toward long-term lifestyle weight loss.

Here’s How Other Women Doubled Their Reward to Lose Weight

Check out this article about other women who’ve lost weight with Healthy Wage: These Women Won Serious Money For Losing Weight!

You can learn more about the program here: Wanna Get Paid to Lose Weight? How about $10,000?

Join With Friends to Boost Accountability and Keep You Focused

If you join with friends, you can keep each other accountable and motivated to stay on track. If you go out to eat with a friend on a diet at the same time, you will both be avoiding poor choices. You can offer encouragement when they are struggling. You could even get together to prep and cook if you’re following similar diets.

Think Of Your Weight Loss As A Game Or Challenge To Motivate Yourself

One feeling I often experience when starting a new diet is some sadness or regret that I won’t be able to eat those same “bad-for-you” foods. First I will say, allow yourself a little bit of time to grieve. Feel bad about what you’ll miss. Seriously. Do it! For 5 WHOLE MINUTES! Then remind yourself of all the problems it caused. You’re overweight, you’re not interested in being active, you’re not as confident, you think you don’t deserve certain things and REMIND YOURSELF that those food choices brought you to this place.

Now turn it into a challenge! If you like to cook, remind yourself that you can find healthy recipes to prepare. You can make meal plans that will move you toward weight loss! You can be creative about food choices and even develop your own recipes. Decide now that you will succeed! Here are some related posts for healthy eating meal plans:

Write three reasons why you want to lose weight and put them on the fridge or in a place you will see every day. Being reminded of your “whys” will help you to stay on track when your motivation is low.

Stretch Out Your Timeframe To Boost Your Weight Loss Maintenance

One thing I noticed when placing my wager, is that the longer timeframes pay you higher winnings. I wondered why and figured that it must be because maintaining your weight loss can be more difficult than simply losing the weight. I deliberately chose a longer timeframe because I want to develop good maintenance habits for my health. Don’t you?

Final Verified Weigh-in is a Two-Week Window

So you’ve worked hard, lost the weight, but for some unknown reason the day you are to record your weight, it has crept up .2 and now you think you’ve blown it. Healthy Wage does not work like that! They give you a 2-week window in which to send your verified weight loss! This takes the stress of your final weigh-in. So relax. You can do this!

Healthy Wage gives you plenty of motivation to lose weight. They give you reasonable, safe, attainable goals, and you get the double reward of losing weight safely, and getting paid to do it!
Win Up To $10,000 In Cash Prizes While Getting Healthy.

When will you join me on my weight-loss journey? 

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