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Developing More Meaningful Relationships with Friends and Colleagues is important to your well-being. You are born into your family but you choose your friends. You have discovered a common bond either in your preferences, values, hobbies, or vocations. Friends are special because you have found something in each other worth getting acquainted with and cultivate as a bond. Here are some ways to make the most of these relationships.

Means Putting In the Effort

You may have become friends in a convenient situation, like childhood neighbors, or taking the same college major. It takes consistent effort to keep the friendship going when you apart. Put in the effort it takes to maintain any relationship that is worthwhile. Call your friend every now and then, and take the time to listen to their problems as a way of being there for them even when you have a list of things you need to get done.

Don’t Neglect Each Other in the Busy Times

Life can get busy. Don’t neglect your friendship when you are at your busiest times. You may not be able to get together for a weekly lunch date anymore once you both have families, but you can still text one another with updates about your life. Find small ways to reach out even if it requires a little more effort.

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Part of being a true friend is to love unconditionally. So many friendships break up over little squabbles that cannot even be remembered later. Don’t make the mistake of sacrificing a strong friendship simply because you had one insignificant disagreement.

Realize that giving more deeply of yourself sometimes means swallowing your pride or forgiving.  Resolve your issues and choose to compromise so that you can continue to build a friendship that will stand the test of time.

Developing More Meaningful Relationships with Friends and Colleagues Means Letting Them Into Your Lives

Some of the best friendships throughout one’s life are with friends who have become like family. Think of your friend as another sibling, and honor them with the same care and concern that you would give someone in that position.

Share special moments, traditions and perhaps even holidays when the opportunity arises. You will be amazed at the strong bonds that can be built even when you are not related by blood.

Be Vulnerable with Each Other

Be willing to share with your friend on a deeper level. Things like your fears, or disappointments, or even dreams and goals. A friendship can only go so far on a surface level. Share what’s on your heart, then give your friend the chance to do the same. This is an effective way of developing More Meaningful Relationships with Friends and Colleagues.

Even if you are not the type of person to offer personal information freely, intentionally open up every now and then to your close friends about the deep parts of your life. Peeking into your inner lives is the kind of sharing creates ties that last. Remember to always be trustworthy with their secrets.

Share Memorable Moments

Have you ever been around two close friends and noticed that they often have private jokes between them based on shared memories? This is one of several ways you can be developing more meaningful relationships with your friends and colleagues.

Do activities together that you will build memories. Find ways to schedule the time to do things together that you both enjoy.  Whether it’s a spin class, a movie at the theater that you have both been waiting for, or a camping trip in the mountains… build those memories together. Volunteering together is another way to deepen your friendship.

Friendship is a two-way street. By implementing these tips you will nurture and grow your friendships to a more meaningful level. Make the most of your relationships and you both will benefit.

Relationship Differences Between Friends and Colleagues

The relationships you have with others at your place of employment can be tricky. Maybe you believe you shouldn’t mix business with pleasure and feel that developing friendships may get too complicated.

If you want to maximize your productivity at work, however, you will need to learn to make the most of your relationships with your work colleagues. Here are a few tips on how to make this happen effectively.

Being Friendly Contributes to A Pleasant Work Environment.

Developing More Meaningful relationships with friends and colleagues.

Team building can help develop more meaningful relationships with colleagues

You’re going to spend almost as much time with your colleagues as you will with your own family, so it is sensible to be friendly. Simply being friendly is the easiest way to make a good workplace even better. Have you ever noticed if the boss is unhappy everyone is walking on eggshells? But when she’s in a good mood, everyone’s morale is lifted. Well wearing a smile, and doing your best to keep the work environment pleasant is a great way to encourage deeper friendships. Finding your calling in work can improve life satisfaction.

Offer to Help with Their Workload

Being a team player and wanting everyone to succeed is an effective way to attract deeper relationships at work. Everyone appreciates some extra help now and then, and you can be the one to rescue a coworker in their moment of need. By simply offering yourself as a volunteer when a co-worker is visibly struggling, you can become a friend to many. When you have free time at work, ask if anyone else needs a hand with anything. Remember that you will all benefit as the entire department meets their goals

Be Willing to Accept Their Help As Well

If a colleague says they would like to join in and help you get things done, take their offer because this will make them feel good. As important as it is to offer help, it is just as important to accept it when needed. By allowing them to bless you they feel good about helping you out. You’ve boosted their self-esteem. You are more easily to draw closer to someone more vulnerable than the know-it-all that is constantly proving himself, This type of give-and-take at work ends in a great work colleague relationship and one that may last beyond the workplace.

Participate in Outside of Work Events As Well.

Join in off-site, team-building functions to get more chances to deepen those relationships. Many co-workers will tend to relax a bit more outside the office giving you the opportunity to get to know them better.  You don’t have to become best friends, but it is advantageous to build friendships outside the walls of the office.

Go beyond that and make plans with your co-workers to meet up for a sporting event or drinks after work. The time you spend casually chatting about issues that don’t relate to work are precisely the moments when you will bond the most.

Spend Lunchtime Together

Lunchtime is a natural way to get to know those you work with. Make the effort to ask about a co-worker’s family or interests. Do you head out on a daily basis to buy fast food on the run? You could be missing the social time that will foster friendships where jokes and laughs are shared.  Plan to eat lunch in the break room at least two times per week.

Your co-workers can make your work environment delightful or torturous. It is your responsibility to build the relationships that are set in front of you through your place of work. Invest in these relationships and they just might turn out to be some of your closest friends for life.

How can you invest in deeper relationships with your friends and co-workers?

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