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Use these tips to be more productive, help you win your day, and get you to your dreams.

Dream A Little, Then Set Goals to Make Your Dreams Come True

Give yourself a chance to dream for a minute.  we get so overwhelmed from the day to day grind, that we forget to dream. So do it. Today. For fifteen minutes. As soon as you finish reading this. Then set some goals in your life to make those You will be invigorated by the challenge, and anticipate rising to it. Goals give you a reason to get up in the morning.  Make some reasonably attainable goals, some that stretch you, and some that seem nearly out of reach. You’ll surprise yourself with what you can achieve!

How to Be More Productive

Let Your Dreams Motivate You

Not having any goals causes you to simply drift, and you’re more likely to be discouraged than if you’re measuring your progress in some way.

Prioritize Your Tasks To Be More Productive

Spend ten or fifteen minutes jotting down your tasks. Prioritize them from the most important to the least important. Don’t neglect the planning process. Make the effort because ten minutes spent planning can save up to two hours of work! It sounds simple, but more difficult to do when so many easier jobs are on the list.

Pat Flynn, of Smartpassiveincome.com, demonstrated a simple but efficient method to prioritize your tasks. He suggests writing one task per Post-it note that is on your list, then arranging them in order of most important to least important. By looking only at the top task, I can focus on completing it and push the others out of my brain space. Because I concentrate better, I can be more productive.

Use this tip to be more productive

This Tip by Pat Flynn boosts productivity and limits distractions

Avoid working on something easier rather than invest the energy into the most critical need. The mental drain of having the most important task still hanging over you limits your best work.

Choose One Thing

Literally, choose the one most important thing to accomplish, then use your most productive time of day to knock out this one big job. Once it’s finished, whatever else happens that day, you’ve succeeded!

Next, arrange less critical chores in your day, and schedule a specific time to work on them. Trying to decide what to do next in the middle of your workday only adds to your decision fatigue. Shift lower energy-drain tasks to later in the day or whenever your highest focus is not necessary for completion of the job.

Develop Routines To Be More Productive

You can be more productive if you develop routines for as many recurring jobs as possible. Again this reduces decision fatigue because you can complete the steps with barely a thought, freeing your mind to work on solutions to more pressing concerns.

A consistent morning routine allows you to build in uninterrupted time for the most valued tasks of your day, especially personal development.

Your biggest dreams can come true when you schedule uninterrupted time in the morning to advance toward those goals.

Use Resources That Will Boost Your Productivity

Learn effective methods to boost your productivity. Deciding which resources will be most helpful, can be time-consuming and expensive. My favorite productivity hack is to take advantage of the Ultimate Productivity Bundle.

You get over 40 products, such as e-books, goal-setting printables, e-courses, planners, and more valued at over $1500 for only $37!  Do yourself a favor and add the cheat sheets for just $10 more. It’s the same idea as prioritizing your task list in a fraction of the time. They are similar to the “cliff notes” version of each resource. It is a terrific way to determine what works best for you with spending lot of time or money. The cheat sheets can make the difference between buying the bundle and letting it collect cyber dust and letting the bundle change your life!

Conquer your to do list - reach your goals!

Devise Workflow Patterns

Plan ahead to work intently for no more than ninety minutes, then step away for five to ten minutes to refresh and refocus. If you perform better on a shorter time frame, use the Pomodoro method of twenty-five minutes on task, with a 5-minute break to regroup.

If you spend more time concentrating than 90 minutes per session, your productivity level tanks, and you begin to waste time.

Knowing that you’re on a specific time frame keeps you focused better than if you have no deadlines. It’s easier to focus intently for a short period of time and you become more productive with practice.

Use Productivity Boosting Techniques

One popular technique for increasing your output is to “batch your work”. For example, set one day or half day aside for concentrating on a single particular job required in your work. As a blogger, I am more efficient if I focus on writing on one day, developing graphics another day, designating the third day to course learning, etc.

This increases productivity because you are setting up once, and focusing your brain power in a single direction rather than setting up multiple times, and being distracted by different modes of thought.

Think of it like doubling a recipe, you can get out all the ingredients at once, handle them once, then put them all away once, but you end up with two dinners prepared for just a wee bit more time than it takes to make one dinner.

One of the best concentrating tools I have found is Focus@will. They offer a 2 week free trial, so you can see if it’s right for you. It is an app that has different types of music or sounds that seem to help me stay on task, especially when I’m writing. It is set up in 25-minute segments, so it works perfectly with the Pomodoro method.

Use Time Blocking

Time blocking is a method of scheduling your tasks, so that you focus on a task for a specific period of time, then when the time is up, you move on to the next task. Think of class schedules. You never had 3 hours of math at one time! That would be brutal, and you probably wouldn’t learn as much. Without specific deadlines the work will drag on and your productivity will lag.

The Nudge to Get Started

Have you heard of the 5-second rule? No, not the one about grabbing food off the floor! The 5-second rule promoted by Mel Robbins.  She found that counting backward from 5, as in 5-4-3-2-1, will interrupt the portion of your brain that protects you from taking action to keep you safe. If you’re having trouble getting started on a dreaded task, give it a try! She says it works like magic!

How to Be More productive

This easy tip will help you stop procrastinating now!

Another longtime favorite of mine is to promise myself to work on the task for just 15 minutes. Then, no matter what, I can quit. Guess what? In over 30 years of practicing this technique, I have never quit after the 15 minutes is up!  I am not lazy, I just have a hard time getting started! You should try it. For whatever you procrastinate on.

Choose one or more of these techniques to be more productive. You’ll be less stressed and each action will build on your sense of accomplishment, and fuel your energy level. Look out world, here you come!

How will you be more productive?


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