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Use one of these 12 best ways to improve your life with your tax refund.

Did Your Tax Refund Improve Your Life Last Year?

Have you thought of using your tax refund this year to improve your life? Use one of these 12 Best Ways To Improve Your Life With Your Tax Refund. No, I don’t mean that you treat yourself to a new TV or take an exotic vacation. Not something one and done, but something that will give you a return on investment for years to come!

Let me ask you, if you had a tax refund last year, do you even remember what you spent it on? Chances are you can’t even recall it. This year use it to make a lasting impact!

What hinders you from your dreams? Usually it’s not enough money. Why not use this year’s refund to invest in yourself? Here’s some ways you can do just that!

1. New Skills for A New Job

Are you working at  your dream job? If not, what is your perfect career? What new skill could you learn with your tax refund money that will put you another step closer to living the dream?

Determine your direction, then find the courses to make it happen. One reason that you might delay going back to school is that your schedule makes attending classes impossible. By choosing online courses you can set your  own schedule.

You can find courses on Udemy.com or Creativelive.com in a wide variety of topics, and price ranges.

An added bonus is that many of these courses give you lifetime access, rather than semester like a college would. You have not wasted your money if life gets in the way and you need to postpone for a little while.

2. Invest in Skills to Start Your Own Business

Consider a course like Making It Pay LIfestyle Course which gives you comprehensive steps to starting and running your online business. This is the course I used to launch my business. Sherri Stotler, the course creator, walks you through everything from determining if entrepreneurship is a good fit for you, to the legal steps to setting up your business, and how to systemize your business so you still have a life!

Many women would love to work at home so they can be available for their children. If you’re already rocking social media, you can consider becoming a virtual assistant to offer media development and scheduling packages to entrepreneurs who would prefer to focus on their business and let you handle the media aspect. The Making It Pay Lifestyle Course is ideal for this!

Making It Pay Lifestyle Course

3. Develop A Side-Hustle As A Stepping Stone to A Brighter Future

If you’re not ready to take the leap into entrepreneurship, think about dipping your toe into the water with a side hustle to supplement your income. You may want to share your journey on a blog. There are a number of courses teaching how to start a blog and make an income. Many successful bloggers start out with the goal of replacing their full-time income and have surpassed that goal beyond their wildest dreams! Check out these examples:

Here are some other side hustles you could investigate:

4. Specialized Skills For Your Current Job

Does your current position have the option to develop skills that will make you more promotable? Check with your supervisor or contact Human Resources. Consider investing your tax refund there. Your employer may pay for the training, and if so, use your refund to cover the costs of babysitters, or some help at home like house-cleaning or a grocery-shopping service to give you the time to spend on training.

5. Spend Your Tax Refund to Get Some Training in Personal Finance

Get yourself some personal finance training. You can improve your future indefinitely by learning to manage your money effectively. You can begin with my webinar “You Can Be Financially Free”, or even the Master Your Money Ultimate Bundle.  My husband, John and I used the Financial Peace University program, developed by Dave Ramsey, to become debt free and take charge of our finances. By taking responsibility for your finances, you will greatly improve your life over the long haul.

6.Build Your Emergency Fund

Do you have $1000 set aside for emergencies? If not use your tax refund to start your emergency fund. At the Once your reach $1000, keep saving until you get three to six months of expenses set aside. For easy tips check out “4 Ways to Build Your Starter Emergency Fund Fast-Maybe Less Than 2 Weeks!”

7. Use It To Start Your Debt Snowball

If you have debt, and you’ve already set aside $1000 for your emergency fund, then try this debt snowball calculator to see how your tax refund can really get the ball rolling on debt repayment. Once you see how effective the debt snowball is you can begin to crush your debt, and rescue your future.

8. Get A Personal Trainer

What goals do you have for this year? Are you trying to lose weight, or get more fit? Put that tax refund to use by hiring a personal trainer or investing in a weight loss program, you can even use it to make a Healthy Wager.To learn more about their program read “Double Your Reward-Win Money for Losing Weight”

You make a weight loss bet and if you lose the weight you earn prize money for your weight loss! They have excellent support and they allow you to choose the diet and exercise that works, for you as well as the amount of weight you want to lose and the time frame that you want to meet your weight goal. I’ve already lost 18 pounds, earned a share of over $25,000. and if I meet my final goal, I will earn over $1400!

Use it to sign up for an exercise class, or get nutrition counseling. Take advantage of the resources in the Healthy Meal Planning Bundle to improve your health with better eating habits. Being healthier always contributes to a better future! You’ll look great, feel better, and perform better!

9. Invest In A Self-development Coach, Course, or Seminar

Use Your Tax Refund to Invest in Yourself

Invest in Yourself to Improve Your Future

I’ve heard Dave Ramsey say that the only difference between who you are now and who you’ll be five years from now are the people you meet and the books you read. Why not use your tax refund to invest in your own personal development?  Ask your most successful friends who they would recommend for life coaching, or business coaching, or who their self-development favorite author is. You could even take advantage of monthly book clubs that curate self-development books such as the Leaderbooks.com

10. Invest It To Improve Your Future

While I don’t recommend investing before paying off debt and securing your emergency fund, if you’ve already accomplished those steps, you can invest your tax refund today to improve your life in the future. Acorns is an investment account which partners with retailers to add money for purchases of their products. Read a little more about Acorns here

My personal favorite newsletter for investing is Sound Mind Investing. This Christian-led company according to their mission statement, ” provides time-tested, objective strategies for mutual fund investing (including specific fund recommendations), along with biblically informed, practical teaching on a range of personal-finance subjects.”

11. Get Some Resources to Increase Your Productivity

Maybe you just need tools to be more productive in your day. You know, to make room for your dreams! You have more time than you realize. There are 168 hours in a week. 50 to work and commute, 60 to sleep, 4 hours per day for family and household responsibilities(28 hours) still leaves 30 hours per week to pursue your dreams! Here’s a productivity bundle which offers over $1500 worth of resources for only $47!

12.Use It to Make A Difference in Someone Else’s Life

You may believe that spending your tax refund on yourself will make you happy, but you can find even more happiness by giving to others! It has been scientifically proven! Check out this article called Giving Proof.

You can give anonymously, or pray about a way to specifically help someone you know. Maybe you can ease the burden of a single mom, or buy needed supplies for a homeless shelter. Maybe you want to sponsor a child with Compassion International.

You have lots of ways that you can use your tax refund to improve your life. Now for the hard part. Deciding which one to choose!

How will you use your tax refund to improve your life?


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